Spring 2022 Virtual Grants Conference: Financial Management Update

Financial Management Update

NSF’s Payment and Analytics Branch, within the Division of Financial Management, will provide an overview of their financial management practices and operations, as well as new initiatives within the branch. Topics covered include awardee financial reporting and reimbursement responsibilities, best practices and frequently asked questions, recurring monitoring activities, critical fiscal year timelines, as well as new innovations in grant monitoring. This session will be helpful to both new and current NSF awardees to learn more about post-award financial activities at NSF.

Presenters: Justin Poll, Jesse Simons



Fall 2020 Virtual Grants Conference: Financial Reviews, Site Visits & Audit Resolution

Representatives from the Cost Analysis & Audit Resolution (CAAR) Branch of DIAS will cover the oversight and monitoring of Federal awards. Topics will include the overall Federal context for oversight, stewardship of Federal funds, the “NSF Gold Standard” model for award portfolio monitoring and business assistance, compliance issues, and other common areas of concern.
Presenters: Mark Dufour and Beatriz Azor.