NSF recently launched the NSF Convergence Accelerator — a new organizational structure to accelerate the transition of use-inspired convergence research into practice in areas of national importance. Convergence research is a critical mechanism for solving many vexing research problems, especially those stemming from complex social and/or scientific challenges. As a funder of research and education across all fields of science and engineering and as a strategic partner in ensuring this new knowledge benefits society, NSF is uniquely positioned to pilot this accelerated approach to discovery and innovation.

The guiding rationale of the NSF Convergence Accelerator is that to deliver progress on scientific and societal challenges it is necessary to take an approach at the highest level of interdisciplinarity and to involve multiple kinds of partners and stakeholders, including researchers and the ultimate users of research products. This session will include a description of the progress to date, including details of the first cohort of awardees, and provide the plan and strategy for the Convergence Accelerator. Most importantly the presenter will discuss how universities and industry can partner and can get involved.
Presenter: Doug Maughan.