NSF Sexual Assault and Harassment Prevention and Response (SAHPR) Overview and Engagement Session

1:00 – 2:00pm EST Thursday, December 7, 2023

NSF is committed to combatting sexual assault and sexual harassment anywhere science or education is conducted, including research stations, vessels, field sites, and NSF-funded programs. The SAHPR Office serves as NSF’s central point of contact for reporting sexual assault and sexual harassment matters and is responsible for overseeing comprehensive prevention policies and practices. Topics to be covered during this presentation include Information about the SAHPR Office’s purpose and mission; the agency’s development of strategies for responding to and preventing sexual violence and sexual misconduct in the Antarctic community as well as enterprise wide; information about support resources currently in place for victims of sexual assault and sexual harassment, including victim advocacy services; and NSF’s work to create field safety plans.  The presentation will conclude with a community engagement session with participants on emerging issues, current priorities, and promising practices for addressing SAHPR across various research environments.

Presenters: Sarah Williams and Anita Molina